High-build epoxy flooring coatings are ideal for creating a hardwearing, chemically resistant surface. It is for these reasons that they’re often used in industrial environments. Available in a range of RAL colours, these floorings are applied by roller.

They are particularly appropriate for laboratories, pharmaceutical environments and food preparation areas. Hard-wearing, impermeable and hygienic, this type of system is easy to clean and has properties including chemical resistance, anti-slip, non-dusting and more. These floorings are applied by trowel, at thicknesses between 2 and 5mm. They have low odour during application and are available in a choice of RAL colours.

These are industrial floor finishes, used to renovate old and worn floors. We can apply areas up to 2,000 metres in just a day, making this system ideal for urgent projects. Epoxy coatings can be added over the top if you need a coloured finish.

Weatherproof Anti-Carbonation Coatings

Over time, concrete and masonry substrates can suffer damage from carbon dioxide, water and chloride. As well as the aesthetic issues this can cause, the building can also suffer urgent structural damage. Our weatherproof anti-carbonation coatings provide years of protection inside and out, while still allowing substrates to breathe without blistering or delaminating.

We are able to offer you chemical-fire retardant coating solutions on all of your containment needs.

Our specialist chemical resistant coatings are perfect for your manholes, drains, and holding tanks.

Containment vessels, plant and structures, chemical resistant coatings come with full industry recognised classification ensuring all hazardous chemicals are safely contained.

Failure to properly protect and maintain your containment structures can lead to premature failure and expensive replacement. Potentially leading to leaking chemicals, oils, acids that carry significant threat to site safety and the environment. Our containment solutions will provide protection in the event of any spillages or leaks.

With our linings we are able to provide long term solutions that will combat against chemical or chloride attacks preventing further decay and increasing the life expectancy of your structures.

Manholes can suffer from serious chemical attach from hydrogen sulphide gas (H2S). Resulting in the need for manhole refurbishment. Our re-profiling chemical resistant coatings offer high quality low cost solutions for chamber refurbishments, avoiding the inconvenience of replacing the whole manhole chamber.

Concrete structures are susceptible to atmospheric and industrial pollution. Chemical damage and carbonation can occur to any structures. This process can cause the reinforced concrete to have expanded and subsequent spalling.

Chloride attacks are well known for corroding structures exposed to the elements thus making them susceptible to the destructive forces of salt entering the building components.

Eventually, decay occurs on the layers around the steel rebar causing the steal to expand that eventually results in spalling.

Protective layers are needed to preserve the life of your structure and prevent further decay.

"A successful structural repair project needs more than just a good contractor"

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