Liquid flowing screeds are self-leveling and can be laid quickly and easily making a perfect surface ready for any floor covering that the client requires. The finished surface of a screed floor benefits both domestic and commercial environments with particular gains from no requirement for reinforcement, no curing period, low shrinkage, no cracking, a significant reduction in the thickness of the lay compared to traditional screed and the convenience of rapid drying times due to the thinner layers. All of this can be achieved whilst still offering a tough, hard wearing surface that is clean and hygienic too!

Any environment that requires a perfect, smooth surface will benefit from this rapid and easily laid flooring, equally suitable for the most modern builds and older restoration projects.

We use only the highest quality materials that are available from the industry leaders such as Cemex, Hope and Lafarge Tarmac.

As part of our service we will advise on the best materials to use for your requirements so that you can be assured of the most effective results.

As the liquid screed is free flowing, the entire floor area must be water tight to alleviate any potential leaks. The surface area must be prepared with perimeter edging and all apertures secured. Any insulation must be laid flat and tightly butted together. Polythene membranes must be inspected for the slightest punctures and air pockets so as not to affect the self-levelling process of the screed. If the screed is to be laid onto underfloor heating, particular attention must be made towards the pipes and cables being securely fixed and the system filled so as to allow the pipes to sink as screed is poured. Of course, in any situation where new materials are introduced, care and attention to debris or any contaminants must be taken prior to the pour.

Lafarge Gyvlon is the only UK based manufacturer of binder for pump applied self-levelling synthetic anhydrate floor screeds. Gyvlon screeds are ideal for sub floor levelling, providing a smooth flat surface for the application of all types of floor coverings, including tiles, carpets and most specialist finishes. Gyvlon flowing screed is designed to provide a smooth level surface in both commercial and domestic buildings prior to application of floor finishes and is particularly suitable to application as a floating screed and for use with underfloor heating systems.

Cemex Supaflo®is also at the forefront of screed technology. A flowing screed flooring solution based on calcium sulfate binder providing significant additional benefits such as speed of application, excellent surface finish, accuracy of placement and finishing, reduced thickness and a substantial reduction in movement joints.

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Anhydrate Flowing Screed Traditional Screed

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