Our highly-trained staff are experts in creating custom solutions to meet your needs. We continuously research new materials and techniques, keeping our knowledge on the cutting edge of maintenance and protection.

We offer a range of crack repair options and are happy to advise you on the most appropriate course of action in your case.

Restek can offer many solutions for crack repairs. Dependent on the nature of the building or structure that is in need of repair, we will determine what course of action is required.

High-strength Epoxy resins (EP)

These are ideal for crack injections where structural strength is required. Their high inherent and adhesive tensile strength combined with low viscosity allows us to inject resin into cracks narrower than 0.1mm, using specialist pumps. Once set, the resin restores the structure to the strength and integrity it was designed to be.

Flexible crack repair

Permanent sealing and flexible bridging of dry, damp and water-bearing cracks. Our two-component system is inserted under pressure using injection packers (filler necks) and specialist pumps. The result is flexible bridging with high adhesive tensile strength that will stay in place despite temperature changes and recurring stress and loads.


Our injection resins cure to form a solid mass of constant volume with excellent edge adhesion. This makes them ideal for bonding building components where structural strength is needed.

Our 1-litre containers have a pot life of approximately 100 minutes at 20ÂșC, and cure approximately 24 hours after injection. At low temperatures, this will be slower, and higher temperatures will cause more rapid curing.

Preparatory Work

Before every injection, a structural analysis is carried out. How extensive this is and what kind of documentation is needed depends on the type of crack and its impact on the structure. Moisture status and crack characteristics including type, width and course are assessed in order to determine the cause of the crack and the most effective solution.

Depending on the outcome, we might choose a drill-hole, hammer-in or surface-packer solution. For listed structures, surface packers are ideal because they leave no trace of injection. When injecting cracks with this method, it is essential to patch the cracks first.

"A successful structural repair project needs more than just a good contractor"

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