Water ingress to prison service pits

Restek were contacted by Kier Construction and asked to survey five service pits located within a prison compound.

There had been previous attempts by other contractors to halt the water infiltration to several service pits located within the prison perimeter but without success. Restek were brought in to provide an initial survey with recommendations for solving this problem which had worsened over several years.

The survey required the marking out of areas to receive tracing dye injections and removal of contaminants. Injection lances were positioned around the perimeter of the pits to intersect ground water levels and then followed the application of the dye. The ingress was then tracked and flow rates determined.

The survey showed extensive problems as a result of the many years of damage caused by the ingress of water. A comprehensive series of measures were proposed by Restek to reinstate adequate waterproofing to the service pits whilst providing a 10 year manufacturer backed warranty.

"A successful structural repair project needs more than just a good contractor"

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