Summer 2017 Projects

Some of our projects completed during summer season 2017;

We were asked by Willmott Dixon to carry out elements of refurbishment works at the University of Birmingham. A total of 433 m² floor area had been showing signs of moisture transport through the slab. The cause being an inadequate DPM installation. We tested the worst affected areas and made a reading of up to 96% relative humidity. This required a structural waterproofing system using our specialist resin injection and liquid waterproofing applications.

We also returned to Nestlé coffee manufacturing plant near Burton on Trent to carry out work to existing expansion joints and renew flexible sealants that would withstand the thermal expansion and contraction subjected to the concrete slab. As a result of successful prior applications we applied similar tried and tested techniques.

We were asked to return to the former Coca Cola UK head office in Uxbridge by Bowmer & Kirkland, where we assessed additional locations within the car park that showed signs of water ingress. We previously carried out works to stem water ingress at this site on behalf of McDermotts, thus giving us first hand knowledge of the types of water infiltration and making a decision on the most effective applications.

Following our site inspection of a footbridge for Nottinghamshire County Council, we confirmed that a headwall had suffered severe scouring under the footings. Unfortunately, due to the soil being predominantly loose sandy clay, we could not consolidate the ground via specialist resin grouting beneath the headwall. We therefore used traditional underpinning methods to reinstate this badly eroded public right of way.

Urban owners requested our return to Hopton Park, after receiving acceptance from the housing association to carry out further concrete repairs on five residential apartment blocks.

We were awarded a comprehensive repair contract at Barclaycard head office in Northampton. Our survey on the condition of a deteriorating car park, carried out in June 2017, found various areas that showed obvious signs that the concrete had begun to fail and subsequently large pieces of the structure were beginning to come away. There was also a considerable level of fracturing to the ground bearing slab that required remedial works. Most of the delamination we found through our core and percussion testing required breaking out and re-profiling to the original dimensions plus resin bonding to stabilise the area and prevent further deterioration of the building components. We accepted this contract with a strict completion date as the client was experiencing massive costs from a result of the car park being closed to staff due to safety risks.

"A successful structural repair project needs more than just a good contractor"

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