Injection of structural water-proofing

Restek were contacted by Shepherd Construction to advise and build a specification to stem the water infiltration into retail units located below a multi-level car park in the centre of Nottingham.

We proposed an application of Superflex AR, an acrylic based injection system developed for waterproofing movement joints. We reinforced the system with use of a skeletal reinforcing open-cell foamwork. Our gels were then evenly distributed through our injection tubes encased in the skeletal foamwork along the movement joints and a temporary timber formwork was installed to allow for adequate pressure to build up during the injection process. This was vital to the system that we proposed.

Our team were able to complete the process ahead of programme whilst keeping disturbances to the daily function of the car park to a minimum.

"A successful structural repair project needs more than just a good contractor"

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