The Restek team were excited to take on a project at a 200-year-old lock. Water was tracking under the sill, washing away sediment beneath the old oak beams. This was causing signs of failure in the structure.

To fix it, we cast a new sill and replaced the gate linings. We then discovered that water was penetrating the pillar’s core which meant we needed to find a solution that wouldn’t require costly stoppage and rebuilding.

The answer was an injection technique using specialist pumps and bore packers. This is a recent innovation, providing a permanent solution in a short time.

The polyurethane resin we used is renowned for its high flexibility and good adhesion. Cracks repaired this way remain leak-proof even in the case of width modifications and dynamic stress. In this case, polyurethane resin provides a durable sealing effect through use of Spurr, making it ideal for cases of highly pressing water like this one.

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"A successful structural repair project needs more than just a good contractor"

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