Ground Consolidation on an Industrial Scale

Tennants Fine Chemicals commissioned a ground survey carried out by BSL to determine ground conditions beneath part of a concrete floor slab which was showing signs of stress and cracking.

The subject part of the site where the investigation was carried out is located in the northern part of the property where a storage yard is present.

The yard is covered in concrete hard-standing

This area is used for storing intermediate bulk containers (IBC) and steel drums containing chemicals with them stacked in rows up to three high and seven in length. The IBCs and drums are generally stacked around the perimeter of the slab with central area free for access by forklift trucks.

Exploratory sample bore holes were positioned in the ground to establish ground conditions in the areas where the concrete slab was cracking.

During the drilling of the exploratory holes, in situ standard penetration tests (SPTS) were carried out at regular intervals in order to determine the strength of the underlying soils.

The tests carried out highlighted the need for consolidating soft peaty layers, void filling as well as the need to seal the bunded areas where cracks had allowed for possible migration of any spillages into the water course.

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"A successful structural repair project needs more than just a good contractor"

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