Masonry Problem

Restek were contracted by IC Mining to repair several cracks in the reinforced concrete walls of a recently built salt store adjacent to the M1 motorway in Leicestershire.

The cracking was a result of the construction of the store during warm weather, suffering shrinkage before the concrete had time to harden. Often these cracks are only hairline and sometimes hardly visible but these extend through the entire thickness of the concrete causing weakness that could lead to further problems.


Restek recommended the application of an epoxy resin Nitofil LV using a specialist pressure injection system for its ability to seal, bond and stabilise building components. This has a compressive strength of 70nT and greater than average tensile bond strength when tested to BS3900 in both wet and dry conditions.

A further benefit of using this method is the ability to concentrate the resin into the finest of micro-cracks thus displacing water from the fractures and providing a water-tight seal to the reinforced concrete walls. As a result, this will prevent any further decay of the building components from water infiltration and frost due to the resin's ability to fill all cracks and cavities in the injection procedure.

In an effort to achieve full permeation of these resins, Restek used a combination of mechanical bore packers that were drilled into the structure at 45o angles to intersect the fracture at mid-point and mechanically fixed into place at 100mm centres. Restek then installed surface packers bonded directly to the fracture of the building component. The cracks were then filled with a specialist bonding putty to ensure a high filling level and prevent material migrating from the cracks. After the injection and curing for over 24 hours, the packers and putty were removed from the face and planed smooth leaving no signs that a repair had even been carried out!

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"A successful structural repair project needs more than just a good contractor"

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